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Ultra Brows Before and After-Care Instructions 


Before your appointment
• Avoid alcohol, caffeine, Aspirin or Ibuprofen for 24 hours before the procedure.
• Because Botox can alter the position of your brows, it should be performed no later than at least 2 weeks prior to your appointment.  
• Thoroughly read all the forms given to you at the time of your appointment and ask any questions you may have.  
• Be sure to advise me of any allergies, medical conditions, prior permanent eyebrow make-up and prescriptions you take prior to your appointment.  
After-Care - It usually takes around 10 days for the skin to heal. However, you should follow the After Care until you skin is completely healed. Your skin is healed when all flaking and/or scabbing is gone.
Day 1-10 
We will give detailed instructions and an an aftercare kit at the end of your treameant.
Important reminders for the healing period:
• Do not rub or pick at your brows. This can cause scarring, blurring, and/or infection. Should there be any scabbing, let them fall off naturally. •DO NOT soak your brows in water (ex. bath tub, sauna, pool, or hot tub). When washing your face, wash around the brow area. Showers are fine, but limit them to five minutes to prevent too much steam around the brow area. • Avoid facials, chemical treatments, Botox.   • Do not allow makeup, lotions, or other products to come into contact with the treated area. 

• Stay out of direct sunlight and tanning booths. You can go outside of course! I just suggest avoiding laying out at the pool or a beach until your brows are healed. If you are going to the beach or pool wear a hat that shields your brows from the sun until you're healed, like a visor or baseball cap.  • Consult a physician if you have ANY signs of infection, which could include redness in the brow area (aside from the first few hours after your appointment), foul smell, green or yellow discharge, and/or fever.  • Should you have any questions or concerns, please call me at 843-209-9416.    

Long-term After-care - After your skin has healed
• Inform your technician of your semi-permanent brows at the time of any laser procedures or MRIs.
• Always use a good sunscreen to protect your brows from fading caused by sun exposure. Extreme sun exposure can and will fade your pigment. This can be minimized by applying a good sunscreen of at least SPF30.  • Be aware that the use of chemical peels, exfoliants, and bleaching agents in the forehead region can expedite the fading of your semi-permanent brows. 
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